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 At Dual Purpose Tennessee we feel that any motorcycle other than a dual sport is only half a motorcycle. Nothing compares to the best of both worlds, on and off road, adventure riding that only these bikes can deliver. In 2008, through miles of old fashioned map tracking and lots of late night hard work, a great riding area was established in middle Tennessee. The "Tennessee Dirt Devil" is over 200 miles of overlook bluffs, waterfalls, creek crossings, and beautiful rolling hills. The riding area is estimated to be 75% old country dirt roads and 25% paved roads. The "Tennessee Dirt Devil" received it's name by the funnel shape appearance laid out on the map. The entire riding area is compiled of 100% public access roads so your motorcycle DOES HAVE TO BE STREET LEGAL. This is absolutely the best dual sport motorcycle riding in middle Tennessee and beyond. The trail opening is located about 35 to 40 minutes southeast of Nashville, Tennessee. The trail is rated at a moderate level riding and has been proven to be beginner friendly. Jeeps have also come to love the TN Dirt Devil for its scenery and non-brutal terrain. The trail is friendly enough to not damage your vehicle, but challenging enough to make you feel like you're doing something. We offer map sales of the "Tennessee Dirt Devil" for your own self-guided adventure. The trail is available all day, every day. The maps are $20 +$2.50 S/H. They can be acquired through the "ORDER A MAP NOW"  link using Paypal, or by calling 615-948-8189. Dave Maddox and Dual Purpose Tennessee would like to thank all of the riders who have supported me in this venture. Without you my dream job would have never come to life. It has been a pleasure meeting and riding with each and every one of you. Please ride safely and respect the local landowners. I truly thank you for your support.   -DAVE MADDOX 

 The map contains over 200 miles of middle Tennessee's best dual purpose motorcycle riding. It is an easy to read and follow fold out map that directs you through waterfalls, creek crossings, overlook bluffs, beautiful rolling hills, with the peace and serenity of being in the middle of nowhere. These are 100% public access roads so YOUR MOTORCYLE DOES HAVE TO BE STREET LEGAL. Located only 35 to 40 minutes out of Nashville, this trail promises fun and adventure for anyone. 








Are PDF maps available?

No. Only hard copy, copyright maps are sold. Due to PDF map sharing, some bad apples have ended up on the "private property, do not enter" area listed on the map. Understandably this has caused issues with these private landowners. The hard copy map clearly lists the public access areas and avoids all private property and ensures us a great place to ride for many more days to come.

Is this just a motorcycle trail or is my Jeep or 4x4 ok?

The trail was originally created for dual sport motorcycles but Jeeps and 4x4's have come to enjoy the trail as well. Just please obey the areas on the map and respect the landowners to ensure we keep this great riding area in the future. Also, please pull over and heed the right of way to horseback riders.

Do I need four wheel drive or what kind of tires do I need? 

No, you don't need four wheel drive. The trail is not brutal, mostly scenic. The terrain changes from dirt to street so there is no magic tire fit. I have seen both street bike as well as dirt bike tires perform well on the trail.

Are ATVs allowed or do you rent motorcycles or ATVS?

The trail is comprised of all public access roads so your vehicle does need to be street legal. We do not offer any rentals.

How soon will I receive my map?

Maps are usually always shipped out the same or following day after I receive Paypal or a check payment. Depending on where you live most maps are received within one to two days. 

Can I purchase a map in person to ride the same day?

Yes, sometimes. I travel for my job during the week but often if you contact me with advanced notice I can make arrangements to get you a map the same day. Again as much notice as possible helps with this request. 

Are there fuel stops on the trail?

Yes, a few, and they are listed on the map, but it is strongly encouraged to fill up before starting your adventure on the trail.

How long is the trail and how long does it take?

The map consists of over 200 miles. I always highlight the route for the guided tours we provided in the past. The highlighted area is what we consider the "best of, most scenic" on the map. It is a nice full days ride, however you can always stop your adventure whenever you would like and postpone the remainder for another day. The full map could be completed in two days.

Is there tent camping on the trail?

Unfortunately, there is no camping allowed on the trail due to the fact that it is private property on both sides of the trail. However, there is a local state camping listed on the map near the trail. Hotels would be suggested for Franklin, Columbia or Bed and Breakfast' in Leipers Fork.

Is the Tennessee Dirt Devil Closed? 

Absolutely not. There is a private road area near the trail that has always been labeled as "private, do not enter" since day one in 2008. Some idiots have chosen to either not purchase a map, or share GPS tracks and have ended up on private land, giving the trail a bad name. This area is not The Tennessee Dirt Devil, never has been and never will be. I support these local land owners protecting their land and I completely understand their frustration. Often I get the blame for them getting on private land, even though I've never met or talked to them. These same morons that have nothing to do with my map or my company have chosen to post that the trail is closed. It is not closed. The area they are speaking of is a private road area and has been since 2008 and never has been part of my map. The map is comprised of 100 percent public access roads. If you would like to purchase a map we will be more than happy to get you a copy. We just ask that you follow the rules plainly stated on the map of staying off of the local private property 

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Dave Maddox, 223 Town Center Parkway PO Box 854 Spring Hill, TN 37174


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